Denise's Philosophy

I am on an amazing journey.  I get to spend everyday doing what I absolutely love doing.  I participate in my life and I utilize the talents of my dynasty to propel others forward in their lives.  I do all of this as a: 

Massage Therapist/Sorceress/Shaman/ Archangel/Phoenix Bird/Blessing/Holistic Practitioner/Integrated Healthcare Practitioner.

All of the proceeding titles have been used to describe me.  You can choose whichever resonates with your spirit.  I answer to them all.

When your key planet meets up with your purpose it will conjure up a powerful mixture of desire and passion to participate in your life.  You might even be frightened at the intensity, for it is more than you expected at first. A soulful interaction can take you to a very deep and mysterious place now if you remain open to the exquisite beauty that's around you, instead of closing down in fear..  This can be quite a disheartening process if you believe that you can't change your feelings through positive energy and actions. Empty gestures, negative affirmations or threatening words will prevent you from ever participating in your life. The only way to make a positive impact now is by letting go of control and surrendering to your emotions. Though this might not normally be an intelligent strategy, calculated actions based upon logic alone will only further box you in. Be bold and take a chance.